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Take the MSA exam

Take the MSA exam

Anyone wishing to take up Rallying must pass an assessment at a BARS registered school before they can obtain their Rally Licence, which allows them to compete at competition level. This Exam is the  M.S.A. Rally License Assessment Exam. To obtain this rally license, you need to ensure going to the highest qualified and best rated rally school. Let me introduce you to Phil Price Rally School.

The Phil and Sheila Price Rally School was set up in 1989 to give people the opportunity to learn and develop the unique skills of rally driving in a controlled and safe environment. All their cars are fully rally tested and are maintained to the highest standards of safety and reliability. All members of the team hold BARS/ MSA licenses so you can rest assure that you are in trusted and capable hands.

You can have your M.S.A Assessment Exam for a small Fee of £180 and as an even better deal, if you book now with Phil Price Rally School in conjunction with a “1 day intense” course you would get a £90 DISCOUNT on the rally course. A starter pack can be obtained from the M.S.A.

For your rallying license and rally driving training needs head on over to the website to find out how you can learn from the best?