Obtaining your BARS Licence

Obtaining your BARS Licence

Do you want to become a Rally driver? Are you interested in taking up the sport? Do you think you have the ability and aptitude to undertake the rigors of off-road rallying? If so, why not get in contact with Phil Price Rally School to book your M.S.A. Rally licence exam today

The M.S.A. Rally Licence Assessment Exam is a requirement for anyone wanting to take-up stage rallying. An individual must pass an assessment at a BARS registered school before they can obtain their Rally licence, which allows them to compete at competition level. The Assessment Exam costs £180.

The School’s genuine forest surfaces are maintained to such high standards that pro Rally teams use the venue for pre-event testing. So if, the pro teams think Phil Price Rally School is a great venue why not come along yourself and find out if you have a hidden rally driver in you?

If you would like to book your M.S.A. Rally Licence Exam in conjunction with a one-day intensive course you will be entitled to a £90 discount so why not contact the team on 01547 550 300, or alternatively go online to our website and check out our available packages.

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