Taking The M.S.A Exam At Our BARS Registered School

Taking The M.S.A Exam At Our BARS Registered School

If you wish to quality for a rally driving licence, it’s essential you take the M.S.A. (Motor Sports Association) rally licence exam.

Since Phil Price is a BARS registered rally school, we’re ideal for anybody near Wales or travelling in our general direction this autumn.

BARS stands for the British Association of Rally Schools, of which Phil Price is a founder member. Formed in 1995, BARS standardised the core elements of rally driving courses and provides a consistent level of control, safety and enjoyment for all participates.

What happens during the M.S.A exam?

Registering for the exam also couldn’t be simpler. Simply order a starter pack on our website, which will guide you through the sections that must be revised.

The standard test will take place in one of our cars and consists of a written exam and driving assessment on our rally stages.

With Phil Price Rally School, you even combine the M.S.A exam with our Full Day Intense Course, and have fun at the same time. This will not only give you the benefit of tuition but a £90 discount from the course- bonus!

Courses run regularly, so are suitable for any time of year.

Discover more about taking the M.S.A exam with Phil Price.

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