Looking For Motorsport UK Recognised Rally Schools?

Looking For Motorsport UK Recognised Rally Schools?

When looking for rally schools for your driving experience, it’s better to find one which is BARS (British Association of Rally Schools) registered. You can do this by looking for their logo on any rally school website.

Established in 1995, this organisation was originally formed by six Rally Schools with the aim to standardise the core elements of rally driving courses, giving them a consistent level of control, safety and enjoyment for all participants.

Their mission is to provide the highest quality rally driving courses and experiences, along with the appropriate standards of safety and enjoyment for UK drivers.

Why is it important a rally school is recognised by Motorsport UK?

Generally, only those which achieve the standards and controls recognised by UK motorsport’s governing body Motorsport UK, can be trusted to keep participants as safe as possible.

The British Association of Rally Schools grew from the original six Rally Schools to its current level of eight, with each recognised by Motorsport UK.

Phil Price is one of the founding members of this organisation, so our safety, quality and overall standards are guaranteed. Set right in the heart of Wales, with 3 epic miles of authentic rally stages, there’s no better place in the UK for rally driving.

Are you still open during the Coronavirus crisis?

Unfortunately, we can’t deliver any courses at the moment but will be open as soon as possible.  We can also extend the expiry date on any gift vouchers which have already been issued and have lost time during the CoronaVirus pandemic.