Ladies Day: 2024 Dates Now Live!

Experience Our Amazing Driving Days This Summer

Experience Our Amazing Driving Days This Summer

Did you know, Egypt has finally had its first female rally driver for ‘desert racing’? As you can imagine, Egypt has some fantastic spaces for rally driving with the desert offering huge wide space to really let loose.

Yara Shalaby got told, as a girl, ‘she couldn’t race’, but six months later came second in one of her first rally competitions. Talk about proving them all wrong! She has also now set up the first women’s rally team in the Middle East, which has already gained sponsorship for 2016. She said when she started racing, male drivers used to tease her, but now ‘give really good feedback’.

With the new series of Top Gear soon showing on the BBC, you too might be longing for an epic driving experience in the summer. Rumoured celebrity guests on the show include Jessie Eisenberg and Gordon Ramsey.

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Put yourself in the driving seat this summer, and get that adrenaline pumping.

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