British Association of Rally Schools

British Association of Rally Schools

Formed in 1995, the British Association of Rally Schools (known by the catchy acronym BARS) was formed to standardise rally driving courses. The organisation’s main aim is to provide consistent levels of safety, control and enjoyment for all participates.

Membership has now grown from the original six Rally Schools to its current level of eight, all of whom are recognised by the Motor Sports Association.

In 2002 BARS members contributed to a consultation process with the Motor Sports Association (MSA). This developed a driver assessment programme for new applicants for a stage rally competition licence. All drivers now wishing to compete on UK stage rallies have to complete the Stage Rally National B Licence Assessment, before being issued with a licence. BARS member rally schools are the only Rally Schools authorised by the MSA to provide the assessment.

For one of the founding members of BARS, consider a visit to Phil Price Rally School. Recognised by and accountable to the MSA, we helped to establish safety policies, standards and controls to cover the preparation of cars, licensing of instructors and the safety of all participants involved in rally driving courses and experiences.

One of the original members, we celebrated an incredible 25 years in the business in 2014. We also had the honour of being award a Certificate of Excellence by Trip Advisor this year.

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