Book A Rally Car Driving Experience

Book A Rally Car Driving Experience

We’ve ensured here at Phil Price Rally School that it’s easy for you to book a rally car driving experience via our website.

As sports go, rally driving is up there with being one of the most thrilling. Our high powered Subaru’s will ensure you receive the best of rally driving experiences with us. As you’ll be able to see on our website, we have a variety of rally courses available and one of our most popular has to be our 1 day intensive course. You’ll truly be amazed with how much you can learn in a day with one of our expert instructors and we’ll ensure you make the most out of the entire experience. Don’t forget that at the end of the day you will be pitched against other rally school competitors to race it out to see who is truly the best, will it be you?

We know you won’t regret booking a rally driving experience with us. Our previous rally drivers have said that it’s one of the most thrilling activities they’ve experienced in their lives to date.

We make sure we keep our prices as competitive as possible and you’ll be able to find the prices we charge clearly stated on our website.

If you require any assistance with booking a rally driving experience online via our website then please feel free to contact us 01547 550 300. We’ll be able to assist you further.

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