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“So much time in the cars... A full day of driving!”

★★★★★ Holly F on TripAdvisor

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Fantastic day for any petrolhead

If you’re a petrolhead you will have to try very hard to have anything other than a 5* day with Phil and his team. Love the focus on driving rather than fancy hospitality. Fantastic value for money.

Listed on Trip Advisor December 2018

An awesome day

Thank you Phil and the team for providing a day to remember from the first minute to the last. First completing the BARS exam then out onto the circuit to start learning to control the car with the throttle then being shown how it should be done by the instructors and then hands on in car instructions throughout the day, coupled with plenty of driving practice culminating with a competition at the end. That’s not to mention the chance to drive around the main rally stage with Phil as navigator and also a Blast around the stage in the group A subaru seeing and feeling how it should be driven at speed but in total control. The whole experience was outstanding just a shame the day went by so quickly. Thanks again Phil will be back to see you again.

Listed on Trip Advisor November 2018

Brilliant driving experience

Thank you to Phil and his fantastic team for making my sons 21st birthday a real treat.
We really impressed with the organisation and professionalism of the whole team. Unlike a lot of other driving experiences you loads of time driving and not much waiting around. 100% recommend

Listed on Trip Advisor October 2018


Had a fantastic day on Friday 5th October with my son on our 4th visit, yes 4th its that good. Had previously tried many different race and rally schools but none compare. There are no speed or rev restrictions and they actually encourage you to go as fast as you can, the emphasis is on maximum time in the car. The main function of the day is to teach you how to control a car sideways with the the throttle and all about rallying. Phil himself leads the course and is a font of knowledge when it comes to rallying, on our day he was assisted by Nick, Dave and John who were brilliant drivers with bags of instructions, encouragement and a great laugh too.
The passenger ride in the afternoon was absolutely jaw dropping, the car control these boys have on loose gravel has top experienced, trust me after experiencing it a few times i am still blown away by the speed
If you are thinking about it then my advice is DO IT!!! You really will not be disappointed
We have already decided we are going again next year for the 5th time, its that good!!!

Listed on Trip Advisor October 2018

Rally day

Fabulous day informative and fun. Many thanks to Phil and his crew. Will definitely come again thoroughly enjoyed the day even though I wasn’t driving. Good facilities for spectators/ families with plenty of tea on coffee. Did do the fast run though but next time must remember to breath out as well. Many thanks again

Listed on Trip Advisor September 2018

An amazing day for mums birthday celebrations

The day at Phils rally school was immense. There was so much time spent in the cars and the drivers were fantastic – very understanding and incredibly easy mannered and personable. Lunch provided was really tasty and a great selection with more than enough for everyone – it was exactly what we needed after a morning in the cars. Marian could not do enough to help us and was so lovely through out the day.
Thanks so much Phil and the team – would definitely recommend to all x

Listed on Trip Advisor August 2018

Rally driving

What a fantastic day! As a 60 year old female driver with no points on my licence I am the most unlikely person to recommend a day like this but I had a brilliant day. From 9.30 to 4.30 there were 3 cars and 3 rally drivers to teach 10 of us how to negotiate courses at speed. I must admit I did scream when I was driving and Paul used the dual control to use the throttle when I was trying to use the brake but I did gain confidence and had many opportunities to drive myself. Phil, Paul and Matt were brilliant. They encouraged us, praised us and joked with us in order to get the best from us. Lunch was excellent and there was an unlimited supply of tea, coffee, cold water and biscuits. Toilets were clean. Highly recommended.

Listed on Trip Advisor July 2018

Petrol head heaven

Thanks to Phil and the team for an incredible experience. Full throttle from start to finish. John and Matt were fantastic and tailored their approach to everyone there, patient knowledgeable and fun to be around. Loads of time behind the wheel makes this an unmissable experience if you love rally. Good buffet lunch plenty of refreshments throughout the day and stunning countryside for spectators to enjoy too. Just wonderful can’t recommend it enough and we can’t wait to go back.

Listed on Trip Advisor July 2018

Amazing Day

My husband has just had a rally experience at Phil’s rally school what an amazing day he had, the day was so well organised everyone had a great time even the spectators, while the drivers where learning all about driving the cars and how to tackle the track, Phil was taking the spectators around the big rally track and showing them the beautiful surrounding. After a lovely lunch the drivers got there turn doing the big rally track then had Phil take them round how he would drive it I must say there was quite a difference in the driving. Just want to thank the hole team for a great day and giving my husband a day he will not forgot. AMAZING.

Listed on Trip Advisor June 2018

An Excellent day!

What an amazing day! Phil and his team are great, friendly and professional. My son did the one day course as his eighteenth birthday present. He was grinning all day !! Loads of time driving, a very progressive day, with such an enthusiastic bunch of people. My wife and I spent the day as guests watching the proceedings. We were very well looked after with more than enough food and drink, and treated to a trip to the top of the mountain by Phil to see the spectacular view from the top. Many thanks for a truly amazing and inspiring day. I am sure we will be back.

Listed on Trip Advisor May 2018

I learnt so much

By some distance, this has been the best driving experience i’ve had the pleasure of attending. With rallying being my passion, i was aware that anytime someone asked the question on a forum about rally schools, the knowledgeable folk would always quote ‘Phil Price’. From the outset, Phil, Matt and Nick made me welcome with a relaxed, yet professional atmosphere. Excellent briefing at the start given by Phil, who has decades of experience (he won’t thank me for saying that), but not too long to be tedious, unlike some experiences i’ve had the misfortune to sit through. I went with an open mind to improve my driving (very important, don’t think you know everything) having played in clubmen spec rally cars on and off over the years. When i was 20 i thought i knew how to drive, now i realize the kids are more talented, quicker and braver than me. The advice given during the first runs encouraged me to slide the car around by balancing the throttle, brake and steering. Not only is this the quickest way, it’s also the most fun. In response to Nickjh1984, the reason for the tyres having less tread than expected is to help the car break traction, that’s what rally cars do!!! To call the cars battered is nonsense, they work hard, do whats required, it’s only the driver that is the weak link, as i found out. And for me, the ‘down time’ when i wasn’t driving was the opportunity to talk through how i could improve on my next run and enjoy some banter with fellow guests, which got more intense (friendly) as the day progressed. The chance to drive a well prepped turbo 4wd on the full stage blew me away, always been a RWD man by choice, but i could be convinced otherwise now. Phil only utilized the dual controls when he felt i wasn’t in control, only a fool would dispute his experience and knowledge. And to cap the day off, the passenger ride in his group A Subaru was awesome, i never felt in danger even if there was fresh air underneath my side of the car as he ‘cut’ a corner or two. I’d also like to praise the straight forward booking process and the lady who served drinks and food all day. Everyone was very accommodating.

Listed on Trip Advisor April 2018

A truly great experience

Did not know what my expectations were we I arrived, but suffice to say by the end of the day they had been exceeded!!
A really well thought out day with plenty of driving between the arrival time of 9:30 and departure at 16:30. (with a good lunch included).
The instructors were really good, and the “piece de resistance” was a trip with Phil at (high) speed around a section of rally track..(true poetry in motion and a drive I will not forget!).
Suffice to say it really deserves its all 5 start Trip Advisor reviews as of this date. If you go, (and I would strongly recommend you do), you will not be disappointed.

Listed on Trip Advisor March 2018

Rallying Heaven

If you have any interest in driving and rallying in particular this place will change your life.

After a brief introduction from Phil we were straight into the Subarus and being encouraged to drive them sideways and as fast as possible. Phil and his instructors Dave and Burt give you so much confidence to push hard and most importantly to enjoy yourself and they are the nicest people.

The amount of time you are driving is incredible and for the short time you are not driving you can learn so much by listening to Phil, Dave and Burt who are more than happy to share their knowledge and love of the sport. The ladies look after you so well with a brilliant buffet lunch and brews made on upon request. Phil took my wife and the other spectators for a ride around the stage in his Shogun which he didn’t need to do but made them feel part of the day too. My wife enjoyed it so much she signed up for the high speed passenger ride with Phil. I’m not sure he understood her pacenotes!

Over lunch the learning continued with Phil teaching us about proper pacenotes and using videos to explain the important driving techniques with the emphasis being on having fun.

Driving the full stage in a turbocharged four wheel dive Subaru with pacenotes was an incredible experience I will never forget and the passenger ride with Phil in his Group A Subaru was mind blowing.

It’s called a rally school because you are not just taught to drive around but are educated in the sport as a whole by people who clearly love rallying and want you to love it as much as they do. I will be back as soon as possible!

Listed on Trip Advisor February 2018

Fantastic day

Huge thank you to Phil and his team for giving me an amazing day, I absolutely loved every second of it. Thank you Sophie for all the cuppa’s and lovely lunch, my family and friends had a great day watching and an amazing experience going in the rally car with Phil.
I’m still smiling about the experience it was a dream come true ! Excellent value for money, best day I’ve had out ! Definitely recommend this to anyone who loves driving and would like some fun and excitement.
Thank you so much I had the best 50th birthday ever.
Thanks for making the day such fun and the fantastic memories, in and out of the Subaru all day. Great instructors Elwyn and John encouraging you all day, lots of laughs and the best fun in a car.
Just the best fun ever thanks guys

Listed on Trip Advisor February 2018

A better day out you will never have. Absolutely amazing.

I have been on quite few experience days over the years, when I booked this last year for my sons 21st I had read the reviews and was quietly confident he would enjoy it. Enjoy is the wrong word, blooming amazing, incredible, adrenaline rush, fantastic, or as Bradley said the best day he has ever had in his life. Phil and his team couldn’t do enough for you, and they encourage everyone to be organised so you get as much driving in as possible, and trust me your in and out of the cars from 10am till 4:30pm. I was a spectator for the day, what I was really impressed with is the friendliness, and you can’t buy anything there, its not like a go karting day where they will charge you £2 for a coke, tea, coffee, biscuits water, squash are free and available all day, and a huge buffet lunch. you just wait until Phil brings his own car out in the afternoon, OMG! Trust me if you’re reading this, just book it, you won’t have a better day out. Thanks Phil!! that man can DRIVE !!!

Listed on Trip Advisor January 2018

Fantastic !
Phenomenal day out. Super professional, fantastic and fun instructors and amazingly friendly staff. Can’t recommend this highly enough!!

Listed on Trip Advisor October 2017

So Much Sideways Fun !

After doing a bit of research PPRS seemed like the best option for a days rally tuition, so my sister and I made the journey down from Scotland. Haven’t had so much fun in a long time!
1. You get plenty seat-time during the day to get a feel for the cars. Way more than I expected. Practice is more important than classroom theory in their eyes.
2. Phil’s passion for his sport is infectious.
3. Excellent facilities.
4. Our instructors Nick and Steve were first class. Encouraging and helpful in every way and plenty friendly banter.
5. When you get out with Phil to drive yourself around the long track….wow….one lap just wasn’t enough and a little taste of the real thing.
6. The Hot Lap with Phil driving his own 300bhp monster was the highlight of the day for me. Giggled like a schoolboy all the way round. You see that stuff on the TV, but to sit shotgun as he gives it full beans is pretty wild! The sound of that thing as he takes off….
7. Location in the Welsh forests is another huge plus. Being home to some of the worlds finest rally stages is a big attraction in itself and adds to the occasion.
If you are at all interested in motorsport this is an experience to remember and I can’t recommend it highly enough. Thanks for an awesome day everybody!!

Listed on Trip Advisor October 2017

Amazing Day – Just Perfect!

I arranged a Rally day for my Partner and her sister on Saturday, we had the most amazing day not only as a spectator but as a participant as well. The entire team are just great and cater for all levels of skill, everyone is treated to equal track time with a time lap challenge at the end, ohhh and the experience of a speed lap with Phil in a race spec Subaru, its a must. Sheila, Alwyn, Steve, Phil and the team are amazing and deserve continued success.  Incredible value and simply the best experience ever a must for everyone.

Listed on Trip Advisor October 2017


I am lucky to have been on many driving “experiences” in my time but this day is in a league of its own. It was so much fun and so well organised. From the moment you first sit in the room on arrival you realise this isn’t just a an experience day it’s so much more than that. They teach you all of the basics of rally driving and just when you think you’re beginning to think you’ve got it cracked and you’re the next world champion in the making Phil takes you out for the best white knuckle ride of your life and you realise just what an amazing driver he is. All of the staff are very friendly and Elwyn and Bert are great instructors who will have you sliding around the track within the first hour easily. Simply the best fun!

Listed on Trip Advisor September 2017

Real Blast!

There’s not much to say that has not already been said by hundreds of previously very, very satisfied customers and reviewers, and this one is no exception. I’ve been attending Phil’s Rally School on and off for more than 20 years (you might have thought that I would have learned how to do it by now !) and every visit is a wonderful adventure with the especial adrenaline rush of a trip out with Phil as a passenger. Highly recommended; a wonderful day out with the most helpful, friendly and professional team that you could ever imagine.

Listed on trip Advisor September 2017


Booked this for my dads 70th birthday yesterday. After lots of research I opted to pay a little bit more than other rally days and yes it was worth it.
The amount of time my dad got in the car was incredible. He actually sounded tired on the phone from all the driving. My dads the kind who loves a good chat about the old cars, rallying etc and he just love it. Lunch was great and the people really  nice through out the whole day.
My mum went as a spectator and she was equally impressed. Would normally spend the day sat knitting, but she was trackside and they even took her out in a jeep for a bit.
Could not recommend highly enough. Do not compare to a £99 1hr experience in a beaten up old Vauxhall. This is a full on intensive day in great rally cars, Phil also takes you for a blast to show you how fast you could go.
All abilities are covered and everyone gets equal time. Well pleased my dad got a great birthday present.

Listed on Trip Advisor August 2017

Worth every penny!

So my partner, brother and dad had a right blast at Phil’s rally school this Sunday! The was shown the grounds personally by Phil. Everyone was extremely friendly and down to earth. Everyone was so full if knowledge and was more than happy to enlighten and share. A full lunch was laid out, with a good variety of sandwiches, cheese sausage rolls. Everyone had the chance to go around the training track both wet and dry, clockwise and anticlockwise. Then being taken around the main track with Phil himself, which I might add was one of the fulfilling things I have ever done! (we was not part of the group racing, however for a small fee of £20, we were given the ride if our life!) The day ended with a little competition between all drivers, if who could get the fastest lap over two goes. I cannot rate this place enough! I will be saving and enjoying the full day next year!

Listed on Trip Advisor August 2017

Fantastic rally experience day

These guys deserve a thousand 5* reviews! Extremely friendly and welcoming. What an incredible day which was thoroughly enjoyed by all!! An unforgettable experience, so much time behind the wheel, minimal health and safety in the cabin, plenty of refreshments, a fab buffet lunch, and unforgettable high speed passenger rides. The morning spent practicing on the smaller track, break for lunch, then an afternoon of further practice, a go out on the forest stage with Phil, followed by a competition. I could go on and on but you only have to look on their website to see the value for money compared to other rally experience days.

Listed on Trip Advisor July 2017

Fabulous day!!

Bought this for my husband as a present. He wasn’t sure what to expect but I told him it had excellent reviews. We arrived to a very warm welcome and went straight in for the initial briefing. Phil is a great bloke with some very good stories to tell, he’s been in the business a long time! Phil and his team are just brilliant. They make everybody feel so welcome and included, regardless of whether you’re driving or spectating.
My husband had a fabulous day, enjoyed it much more than he thought he would.
I paid to have a high speed passenger ride with Phil, oh my goodness! I was so nervous but actually got out of the car with a massive grin on my face. To go in a car with a complete stranger but have 100% confidence in them, it was just an amazing experience. If you go to spectate, this is an absolute must!!!
We both came away saying we would definitely return, with both of us driving next time.
Thanks again to Phil and his team, absolutely fabulous day! Great set up with spectacular scenery.

Listed on Trip Adviser  July 2017

Great Experience in Great Company! Worth Every Penny!

What a day it was. Arrived for initial briefing on the day ahead and it wasn’t long before we were in the cars. It was a hot day with lots & lots of driving time with and without instruction with everyone encouraging each other. Brief stop for lunch and then back into the cars for a full afternoon including sitting beside Phil for the ride of a lifetime on the seat of your pants! The day was finished off with a competition which was great fun. If you have not done this you must, you really do get great value for money. Thank you to Phil & his team, I will be back again in the future.

Listed on Trip Advisor June 2017

Best Day Ever!

Been looking forward to this for a year and was lucky enough for a customer to drop out so I could fill their place, the weather was stunning brilliant blue sky and what a drive up to the venue, fab scenery. Driving up to the location when you get there you feel like you’ve completed rally stage 1 !
On arrival Phil and his fab crew welcome you, after no time they know you very well. I’m involved in motorsport and events my self working with the team that put car Fest together and I have to say these guys are superb, extremely professional and you are made to feel very special.
After no time I was drifting the school car sideways around the school track, you get to drive the 4×4 car on the rally circuit aided by Phil on the dual controls thankfully!
The day come to a close with a ride with Phil on the full track intake blue completion Subaru – wow I’ve been in some top drag cars but this will blow your mind, finally a completion against the clock with your colleagues putting into practice what you have learnt all day.
Finally a great day, fab lunch and hospitality – you must do this!!!

Hotrodder34: May 2017

Absolutely Brilliant – WORTH EVERY SINGLE PENNY!

24 years ago I had a day at Phil’s Rally School , they were MK1 Escorts in those days and Phil took me in his Sierra Cosworth full speed on a rally section which was truly memorable. I vowed all those years ago that I would go back to experience it again, and I did so yesterday with my son Jack for his 18th , and a treat to me & my partner Mark for our 50ths. You now drive Subaru Imprezas which are awesome. Stacks of driving time with tuition from excellent instructors , a chance to drive a rally section with Phil alongside you reading pace notes, then chance to sit alongside Phil at the wheel in his Subaru, which has got to be the best thrill you will ever have. A superb day and worth every single penny. We will be back, not doubt about it. Thank you to all your lovely team Phil including the girls who served up a superb lunch. Rachel Adams & family

Rachel Adams: May 2017

Made Good Friday Really Good!

Quality place. Fantastic staff, learn from the best with Phil and SUCH good value for money. So much driving all day.

Andrew F: April 2017

A day out with Phil Price Rally School- Outstanding Fun – A great team

Having just passed my ARDS test I wanted to gain more ability in car control and also have some fun with friends. We all had an outstanding day with the team. All of us had a great time – Phil and his team looked after us so well and we all had a great time in the cars learning the art of Rallying – great for a birthday present or if you want to learn the dark art of rallying these guys will ensure you have a great time.

C Sawkins: March 2017


I was given this as a gift and I had the most amazing time. Phil and his team are absolutely brilliant! They’re very passionate about what they do and make the experience very personal! The whole day is very well planned and they’re so chilled out! I would recommend it to anyone!

Jess Elliot: January 2017

Amazing Day Out

Received this as a gift for my birthday back in Feb. Such an amazing experience and cannot recommend it enough! Phil and his team are very friendly and made sure everyone got the best out of the day! The high speed drive with Phil finished the day off perfectly, I would recommend that any spectators take up the offer to go out with him, well worth it!
Visited August 2016    Matt Davies

Rally Good Day Out !

I cannot recommend this place enough. I had an amazing day there and will definitely be going back. The guys that work there are awesome, such good drivers and only to keen to help and guide you. Great for a one off day or if you want to start a new hobby and get your licence, this is the place.

Number One Rally school

Just to say what a great day myself and the family had at your rally school on Sat 26th March 2016 . The way Phil and his team made everyone at the venue feel at ease was great, everyone got on very well and it was really enjoyable.  As we got settled in there, it felt more like one of the single venue clubman rally’s I use to do some ten years ago.  I got a real buzz out of the day!

My family are still buzzing with the day’s action.  It is a great credit to Phil and all the team and I can see why your school is the number one Rally School.   The ride with Phil in the Group A car was out of this world!!

Thank you once again Tony Drakes.

Visited March 2016

First Class day at Phil Price Rally school

I attended the Phil Price Rally School on Sun 13/03/16 with my son and two friends. The staff were brilliant and cater for every level of driver. At the start of the day Phil promised to teach us how to get sideways all the while and he certainly delivered in every respect. We had loads of in car time and loads of instruction and the high speed passenger ride at the end of the day was something else. This is a family run business, there are no aires and graces just down to earth instruction from passionate people who care about their customers. We were watered upon arrival and drinks/biscuits etc were available to us all day. We were given a very nice buffet lunch, all into the price and were presented with a gift at the end of the day. This is a well organised and professional set up with fantastic instructors and hospitality staff. The high speed rally stage with Phil is brilliant and the price is great too – excellent value for money! Don’t go anywhere else! Thanks you Phil, John, Nick and Juliette, we had a fabulous day and will be back soon.

Visited March 2016

Best thing you’ll do in the rain!

If your looking for a rally school to have fun at this is the place to go!! This experience was worth the 260 mile round trip from Bristol. Phil and the team are fantastic and are really passionate about their jobs and this place. This passion and dedication helps make you feel relaxed so you can focus on the driving! There’s so much experience between the team so listen to what they say every bit helps!! In car assistance and tips are brilliant, Nick was great at helping me at the start getting into power sliding through the corners and boosting my confidence. They leave you to it and let you have fun. Then rotate throughout the day. We were lucky there were only a handful getting lots of track time. The food provided was really tasty, great selection and plenty to eat. Not to mention as many cups of coffee as you can get inside you! Phil takes you out in the afternoon around the big track with him to get a feel for pace notes etc which is a lot to take in but great fun! There’s some healthy competition aswell getting lap times on the board to see who is fastest! But by far the best bit was going out full chat with Phil in his Group A Impreza. If your up for an adrenaline rush get involved if your a spectator- my girlfriend went out and loved it! Get yourself up there and tear it up I guarantee a great day out!

Visited February 2016

Fabulous this is a proper Rally School

I’ve done a number of track days and had previous HPDE training on asphalt. I wanted to build experience with over grip limit handling, going round corners sideways, etc. I did not want an ‘experience’ day, but wanted to actually improve my driving skills. Phil Price Rally School is this! You get a lot of seat time, and the instructors are great. Food and hospitality was great too, with fun videos to watch and informative stories and discussion from Phil over lunch and during the briefing.
Best of all was being taken around the gravel course by Phil in the Group A Subaru, absolutely amazing. Worth paying just for that experience alone, almost makes the rest of the day seem free!
I left with a fundamental change of attitude towards oversteer. I’d previously thought of oversteer as ‘a bit of fun’, but now understand how and why it an essential technique that improves safety and performance in low grip conditions.

Visited December 2015

Fantastic Day Out

The Rally School is ace. Unlike other driving experiences this is about learning and being encouraged to improve and push the cars and yourself. The instructors were really great and after talking to me realised maybe I wasn’t the norm and needed a little more help to meet my objective from the day. The customer service is fantastic, little comments and jokes to an endless supply of coffee and great selection of foods at lunchtime. The location is easy to find and to get too. The format of the day was inspirational and in line with what is promoted. There was a lot of good natured banter. There was a huge amount of in car time and lots of it alone if you wanted it. A really good value great day out. I will be back and would recommend this to anyone who wants to go rallying.

Visited December 2015  Listed on Trip Advisor.

The Day was Great Value for Money

A BIG thank you from me and all the ‘gang’ who came on 11th December. We were kept on the go all day and had a fantastic time. The day was great value for money. The organisation was excellent from initial contact/booking/accommodation and of course on the day. Phil did an excellent job making it relaxed but frenetic day and the support crew were also extremely helpful and kept us on the go. It helped us unwind with some crazy, skilled and fun driving! Thank you Phil, we all learned a lot about the art and skill of rallying.

Chris, Sam, Colin, James, Robert, Martin, Andy & Simon.

Brilliant Day Out

I bought the days rallying for both my husband and my brother for their birthdays thinking that it would be something a bit different. What a great day we had, from start to finish and we were made to feel so welcome. The instructors were very easy going and friendly, having a good laugh and joke with everyone. Even though myself and my daughter were only spectating we didn’t get chance to feel bored or left out, there’s something going on all the time. Phil very kindly took us out in his 4×4 to have a look at the track and where he lives. We then took the opportunity to be a passenger with him in his world rally car, what an experience, awesome!! Take the chance if you can. We would 100% recommend this day out, it’s brilliant.

Visited November 2015  Listed on Trip Advisor.

Amazing Experience 5*

Absolutely amazing experience for both participants and spectators. Huge thanks to Phil and his team for doing such a great job! Would highly recommend.

Reviewed 26 October 2015 Listed on Trip Advisor

Fantastic Day

Great value for money.
Staff were so friendly and made the day so enjoyable even for the spectators.
The thrill ride was a great experience I thought I would be petrified and the staff reassured me that Phil has 26 years experience on that track. I got into the car and smiled from ear to ear the whole time.
Excellent value for money

Visited October 2015  Listed on Trip Advisor

Phil Price simply the best 

Awesome! If it was possible to give 6 out of 5 this place would get it. HIGHLY recommended. Everthing about the day was great and the time went too quickly. Will definitely come again.

Visited August 2015  Listed on Trip Advisor

Maximum Entertainment

Wow, what a rush. Being in the middle of the most beautiful part of wales with a great bunch of petrol heads tearing around a track sideways. These guys really know how to let you learn the ropes, tutoring you but giving you the time to make your own mistakes too! and Phil is a complete mentalist…. i’ve never been so fast in a car off road… totally in the zone, it really makes you appreciate how talented top rally drivers are.
Brilliant day out, loads of time behind the wheel, excellent crew, everyone came away having learned loads of new skills. i’ll be back…. just as soon as i have more clean underwear! thanks guys 🙂

Visited August 2015  Listed on Trip Advisor

This is a Must Do Experience

Its hard to put into words what a great day this is…I’m still smiling the next day…! I drove a 330 mile round trip for the day. This was a 50th birthday present….I think I’ll be buying myself another present before I’m 51…! Thanks again to Phil and all the team.

Visited June 2015  Listed on Trip Advisor

WOW !!!!

Thank you Phil and the guys for what was the most fantastic day ever. This was something I had always wanted to do and it far exceeded my expectations. Phil & the guys were really encouraging to make sure you got the most out of the day. Trouble was I never seemed to get much faster because I was beaming from ear to ear all day just so excited to be there. GREAT DAY, GREAT LOCATION, GREAT PEOPLE!!! Would love to do the day again, maybe next year!!!

Visited May 2015  Listed on Trip Advisor

 The Best Driving Day By Far

I never normally post reviews but Phil Price and his team deserve my first as hopefully this will persuade more people to sign up for this fantastic driving day. You will not be disappointed! Lots (and lots and lots) of car time, as much or as little instruction as you like. Bulk of the day in the 2wd Subaru’s getting to grips with going sideways. Different ball game out on the stage in the 4wd trying to listen to pace notes whilst concentrating on driving! Icing on the cake is the fast lap with Phil. Utterly brilliant. Went with my brother and we both had the best time. Ben

Visited May 2015  Listed on Trip Advisor

Would 100% recommend this place.

Thank you to Phil, Kim, Nick and Cakey at The Phil Price rally school. A friend of mine had recommended it to me as I wanted to buy my husband a rally day for his birthday and this did not disappoint! We went Sunday 22nd Feb 2015, turned up at 9am and it was snowing! not a problem at all surprisingly and made the day even more fun! The guys are sooo friendly and professional. You get so much time in the cars as they only have 8 people there and use 4 rally cars, 2 rally stages and 3 instructors so you have a full day of driving! Great group of people that were there too so I didn’t get bored watching as lots going on. Phil even took me out a few times and did a high speed lap at the end of the day for everyone. he has sent me the video and it is hilarious to say the least. I will add it to you tube so people can have a laugh! Would 100% recommend this place. Thank you for a fantastic day.                             Holly and Andy Francis.    Listed on Trip Advisor

Excellent day!      

The whole experience is set up to provide as much driving as possible. No frills on site, no fancy set up but never mind: All the money is clearly spent on giving each customer a lot of time in the driving seat. I have done a fair few of this type of events and this is certainly the best one in terms of value for money! Everyone was very friendly, great instructors and the high speed drive in the group B car is genuinely an experience you will not forget – much more impressive than similar things on a track. Top recommendation! thanks again for a great day!
Cheers, Frederic.  Listed on Trip Advisor

Wow – Amazing – Brilliant

All the words used to describe our day spent with yourselves last Saturday. The day far exceeded any expectations we had. What a wonderful bunch of people you are,  you should be very proud of yourselves.  We had an absolutely fantastic time never to be forgotten. Richard was delighted with his birthday gift, Matthew with his unexpected treat and Steph has just about recovered ! Many, many thanks.

Cassandra, Richard, Matthew & Steph.

Awesome Day of Rallying

My wife bought it for my 40th birthday and it was the best present ever an awesome day of rallying!

Had a fantastic time and learnt loads from Phil and the Johns it was impressive to see how much everyone improved from the first session in the morning to the competition at the end which is testament to the quality and personal guidance from the guys.  Driving the stage was the highlight for me and I’ll never forget the ride at proper rally speed !

Thanks for a great day and hope to come back for another go one day!    Richard Timms

Awesome Day

Just want to pass on my thanks for an awesome day at your Rally School on Friday 4th July. I had a great time and learned so much from Phil, Nick and John. Compared to other Rally schools I’ve done similar courses with, there was so much more seat time actually driving and learning with you and the instructors were much more approachable, really nice guys.

Great lunch and ample cups of tea in the traditional Welsh Rallying weather!  Many thanks again. James W.

Wonderful Day!
Hello Sheila, Phil & Team   Just a quick line to let you know Elliott had an absolutely fantastic day in all respects. The team were wonderful & really put the customer first to make sure they enjoyed the day 1000%. When Elliott (19) applies for his ‘driving test’ he should pass with flying colours! All the guests had a great time from the viewing gallery and the whole day was top notch, impossible to beat, fantastic!   Thank you so much again & will be back with Oliver next time.   Kind regards Patrick.
Great Day Every Time

I have done this experience a few times now at least 5 times in the last 3 years I always have a great time all the staff are warming friendly people who make the day much more personal even if the school is busy. the guys are great at teaching you everything you need to make the experience as fun and adrenalin pumping as possible enjoyed every minute and I will certainly be on the list in the next few months for another action packed day thank u all for your hard work and putting up with us amateurs I will recommend this to anyone it’s a blast thanks again Phil Sheila and the team at Phil price. From Steve (Listed on Trip Advisor.)

Best Rally Day Ever

Thanks to Phil & team this is a first class hands on driving and tuition day ever. Plenty of time in the cars solo and with very skilful trainers. Lots of fun and a great time was had with all who work with Phil to make this a great experience.

If you are thinking of doing a rally car day, these guys are the best. I will certainly be back with friends and colleagues soon.

Listed on Trip Adviser.  Paul Butler

Bloody Awesome !!

Thank you all so much for a wonderful day on Sunday. James and his 4 guests have not stopped talking about it.

Worth every penny. Excuse me but all I can say is BLOODY AWESOME  We will be back next year.

Diane (visited Nov 2013)

Best day in a car for a long long time

From the moment I arrived to the moment I left, it was totally brilliant. Phil and his team are top notch.      Learnt soooooo much and my skills improved dramatically as the day went on.  Breath taking passenger ride through his rally stages and the timed competitions between everyone.

Believe the reviews ……..IT’S AN OUTSTANDING DAY!

Listed on Trip Adviser. Rob S  Manchester

Believe The Reviews, 5 stars all the way!                                                

Firstly thanks to Phil, Steve & John for excellent tuition, patience & enthusiasm. Plus Sheila for the hospitality.

Having been on other driving experiences, the old addage of you get what you pay for rings so true. One-to-One tuition, lots of laps, competition and a ride round a rally stage plus being driven round a stage in a Group A 300bhp Subaru-awesome.

We were lucky as well that everyone in our group were up for a laugh & a challenge, a stunning sunny day and gorgeous Welsh countryside.
A top day.  Listed on Trip Advisor

Excellent Book It Now

This was my 3rd visit to the rally school, once again I had a fantastic day. I also took 2 friends this time who also loved the experience. Loads of time in the cars Phil and his team make it a day to remember. Even spectators have a great day. Will be back soon !

Colne, United Kingdom – Listed on Trip Advisor

Money Well Spent !

This was money well spent We thoroughly enjoyed the day learning how to drive sideways! The instructors were friendly and helpful. The food offered was delicious and we were offered endless cups of tea.  We could not fault the day !  Thank you Phil and team for a great fathers day treat.

The Player Family, Herefordshire

A Full Day of Rally

Had a look around all other rally days/schools and this one seemed to stand out- and I can only imagine it’s head and shoulders above the rest! There is so much time in the car and the instructors are very good at what they do- by the end of the day I was just a quick as people who had been 2/3 times before! It offers a good view into rallying with a stage run with pace notes from Phil and lots of time on the slippy practice stage. There’s very little time spent standing around; with two or three things going on at once it’s even enjoyable for spectators who can watch on the veranda. The thrill ride in the Group A Subaru tops it off. Not a day to be forgotten.  Alison from Exeter. Listed on Trip advisor

Fantastic Day

What a fantastic day we had yesterday. I cannot get that ride in the Subaru out of my head it was awesome. The group were all fantastic and all egged each other on with a lot of fun. Keep up the good work in helping people really enjoy what rallying is about. I will certainly be coming back in the future.

Phil O, Cheltenham

“What a day !!”

A Christmas gift from my brother !! could not have been better !!
We all learned new driving skills on the muddy & very slippery surface, not just as racers but skills that can be put to good use in winter road conditions. The instruction was very good and the crew were extremely friendly, if you go you MUST take the trip in the full rally spec car with Phil driving, mad but in total control.
Would love to go again in the future !!

Ian J
Newport, United Kingdom – Listed on Trip Advisor

“Fantastic friendly and professional”

Had a fantastic day learning to slide sideways around corners. Loved it all … Mk 2 escorts were great and enjoyed driving on the rally track in the Subaru Impreza the most and ride in WRC Subaru was exhilarating!!!
Would highly recommend a day with Phil and his colleagues. Really action packed with lots of driving time had by all. Everyone was Very informative fun and encouraging . Want to go again!!!
Food was good and plenty of drinks on request. We were all looked after and entertained well by the whole team at the Rally School .

Crewe, United Kingdom – Listed on Trip Advisor

“Awesome day”

Just got back from our day at the Phil Price rally school and what fun we had , loads of time in the cars and lovely lads teaching you how to go sideways at speed around the training track,, Phil Price is a mad and marvellous man!! He is amazing , loved going out in the rally spec Subaru 555 with him (I now want one ) , I will definitely be going again , thank you so much for a day I’ll never forget ! My husband is now sitting next to me looking at prices of rally cars , oh dear this could get very expensive :)!

Manchester, United Kingdom – Listed on Trip Advisor

Amazing experience, what a rush!

What a brilliant day both for the drivers and spectators. There is plenty of time in the cars and I learnt a lot of new skills. My partner enjoyed her ride with Phil as did I, rallying at high speeds through the welsh hills…a real adrenaline rush! All the staff were friendly and helpful and the food was excellent!

Visited August 2012

Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom – Listed on Trip Advisor

Fabulous day & Informative

A really good fast paced day, with lots of time in the cars. The Phil Price blast up a mountain side in a rally spec Subaru is highly recommended. The instructors are all very friendly and knowledgeable. I’ve gone away with a lot to think about and a really good basis to develop my skills and improve my confidence. Its worth going for the scenery alone!

Visited June 2012

Chris J
Hereford, United Kingdom – Listed on Trip Advisor

The most amazing and thrilling day

Phil price rally school was a fun filled and exciting day. Full of driving with the most patient and fun instructors who obviously enjoy their jobs enormously. A full briefing on safety and skills and tips needed for the day from a pro driver. Experience the pro rally stage with Phil price driving is a must! 2 cars on the go all day so you only get a short break before you’re back in the car. You even get to drive a pro rally car around the stage with professional navigation instructions. Tea, soft drinks, snacks and coffee available all day with a Lovely lunch all included in the price all prepared by the lovely Gill. At the end of the day we had time trials in which we competed against the other guests. Such fun. Everyone gets a trophy as a keepsake. Spectators have a good day at a small cost including the rally experience on the rally stage.
We camped nearby for the weekend in the lovely welsh hills although there are B&B’s nearby too.
This was such a good day And such good value for money we are going again in August 2012.

Visited July 2011

London, United Kingdom – Listed on Trip Advisor

Hard to pick any fault

Without doubt a very good experience, and while it may appear expensive it’s very good value, and you get a lot of driving and tuition for your money. I have been to Phil Price three times with PB42, and to two corporate days at Oulton Park, and while both locations are good, you get far more for your Money at the Rally Centre. The location and scenery are fantastic, and once you are locked into the centre for the day it’s an excellent opportunity to switch off and enjoy yourself for the day, with great food and very good company. Book now, you will not be not be disappointed.

Crewe, United Kingdom – Listed on Trip Advisor

Brilliant. A good day was had by all…..

We all arrived (8 drivers & 7 spectators) from 9am
Tea Coffee & biscuits served on arrival.
There is a room with seating for about 20 people, where spectators (£15 each including lunch & refreshments) and drivers can rest. This is also where Phil Price gives a talk, safety info etc.. There is a balcony overlooking the training area, where drivers learn to drive Mk2 escorts…. sideways… around a circuit.
Our 8 drivers (£299 each) had lots of time in the escorts, taking turns continuously from about 10 till 4pm, except lunch time.
After lunch, time trials add a competitive edge, just for fun of course!
Then each driver gets to drive (with Phil as co-driver) a Subaru, fitted with dual controls (including 2 steering wheels). You can elect to drive from left or right seat if you prefer.
We each drove out onto the stage driving for a couple of miles.
Later, each driver (& spectators who pay an extra £15) have a passenger ride in Phil’s Subaru … at high speed!
In all, a very well organised action packed day.

No previous experience required to have fun here.
OK, I confess, this was my third time, and hope to go again sometime!

If travelling from afar on the day, as we did, try booking in advance a good value full breakfast at the Horse & Jockey, Station Road Knighton. Alternatively, just arrive at Halls of Knighton’s Cafe (open from 8am but not Sundays) in Broad Street for a bacon sandwich, hot drinks etc.

There a many B&B’s listed on Phil Price website too.

Visited May 2011

Chester, United Kingdom – Listed on Trip Advisor

Once in a life time experience

I was bought the one day rally experience by my parents as a Christmas gift. The voucher lasts 12 months. My partner was also bought the Ride of the lifetime experience where by Phil takes you round on a high speed circuit of the rally stage in his fully works spec Subaru Impreza.

I was a bit apprehensive as I rarely drive and I’ve been unimpressed by karting but this was an amazing experience. The rally circuit is set in a particularly stunning section of the Mid Wales border regions (I’m biased because I grew up in the area but it is stunning).

After parking up you’re met by Phil and the friendly crew. They make you feel right at home. Once everyone has arrived, the fundamentals of rallying are explained, along with copious cups of tea and biscuits.

Then it’s straight into the Escort RS2000 to drive the practice circuit. A very weird experience driving a rear wheel drive in slippery conditions for the first time, but great fun. After a initial drive, the instructors take you around an explain lines etc. Then you’re straight back in to hopefully have a better go and get the car sliding properly this time.

In the mean time, Phil takes people around the circuit on a slow drive explaining the course. The course is of such high quality that many of the top works teams go there to practice.

The day we were there, he also drove the guests up to the top of the hill in his Shogun so that they could see the stunning view. In the mean time us rally drivers have been getting loads of in car experience with plenty of tips from instructors.

After a really nice lunch, co driving is explained. It’s then your turn to drive the full stage in the dual control Impreza. There’s no taking it slowly as Phil gets you to put your foot down, all the while he’s reading out the co drivers notes explaining the route ahead of you. This bit was great fun, you get to drive a 4wd car a high speed safe in the knowledge that a pro is there to rescue you!

Back in the Escorts, you get to drive the practice stage in reverse, ready for the time trial later on.

Phil then brings out the full works spec Subaru, anyone interested in rally will know what a stunning car the 555 Sabaru is. He then takes all of the people on the rally experience and anyone who’s purchased the ride of a life time out on a high speed circuit of the course. It’s breath taking, quite literally. Forget Alton Towers etc, if you want an adrenalin rush. To be hammering up a straight to 90mph then slam the breaks on into a hair pin turn… wow! If you bring any guests with you, don’t let them go away without doing this, it’s only £15 and it’s one of the most amazing things you’ll ever try.

Everyone then takes part in the time trial around the practice circuit, timed one direction and then the other.

The price might look expensive on paper but just take into consideration the cost of maintain the vehicles (don’t even look at the price of buying a rally spec RS 2000, new replicas starting at £100k), the amount of driving you actually do and the whole experience, it’s a bargain!

Definitely one of the best days of my life and you certainly won’t regret it. Everyone in my group loved it. The one family who were there were actually on their second visit they’d loved it so much!

Visited September 2011

Bath, United Kingdom – Listed on Trip Advisor

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