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“So much time in the cars... A full day of driving!”

★★★★★ Holly F on TripAdvisor

Join Us for the Best Driving Experience

Feel like cranking life up a gear? Tired of being stuck in congested traffic every rush hour? Spring is the time to blast away those cobwebs, get out the house and do something amazing. So, how about getting behind the wheel of a Subaru rally car this spring? If you fancy a turbo-charged driving experience […]

Experience Epic Motoring With Our Rally Driving Experiences

Ah, the joys of the open road… It’s easy to imagine the early days of motoring were paradise compared to today. With so few people on the road, it was a luxurious experience for those who could afford it. However, it’s safe to say it was a lot slower in those days… Did you know […]

The Ultimate Driving Day Gift

Have a spring wedding, birthday or celebration coming up? Do you want to give somebody a gift to look forward to in the summer? Our Driving Day Gifts are a unique and exciting present for any loved-one. Buy a gift voucher for your friend or family member and you’ll also have an epic time, as […]

Enjoy A Full Day Of Rally Driving

Would you like to win a trophy for your epic driving in 2017? We can make it happen at Phil Price Rally School. One of the ultimate motoring sports, rally driving should be fun-packed, exhilarating and cathartic. Rated highly on Trip Advisor, Phil Price offer excellent value for money, a top venue and highly passionate […]

Fancy An Action-Packed Driving Experience?

Driving on today’s busy roads can be rage-inducing at times. Whether you’re tired of hanging back behind cyclists or the rush-hour traffic is driving you mad, it’s easy to fantasise about letting loose and driving like you’re in an action movie instead. Rally car driving experiences are a chance to use your driving skills like […]

Top Driving Experiences in Wales

The growl of the engine, the thunder of the road…. We’re all looking for the thing that makes us feel most alive and, for many of us, that involves getting behind the wheel of a rally car and roaring around at top speed. After all, what beats living out those car racing fantasies for real? […]

Looking For Driving Day Gifts For Valentine’s Day?

Do you want to give somebody an amazing experience this Valentine’s Day? If they have a strong love of motoring, why not book them a driving day at Phil Price? At Phil Price Rally School, your partner can zoom round our tracks in either a RWD & 4WD Subaru Impreza and experience rally driving first […]

Why Choose A BARS Rally School?

Looking to take your MSA rally licence exam in 2017? In that case, you’ll need a BARS registered rally school like our venue. B.A.R.S stands for the British Association of Rally School, and at Phil Price Rally School we are proud to be a founding member. This organisation sets the standards for safety and control […]

Looking For The Ultimate Driving Experience?

Looking for an original present for Valentine’s Day? Forget flowers and chocolates- we can offer something much more memorable. At Phil Price, our driving experiences could be the perfect gift for any keen motorist. If you have a partner that’s always raving about cars, they are guaranteed to be overjoyed with a trip to one […]

Get Behind The Wheel Of A Rally Car In 2017

Rally driving is a sport that’s been around as long as motoring itself, starting in 1894 when the Paris-Rouen horseless carriage took place. This race was won by Paul Koechlin in a Peugeot, despite the fact he arrived 11-hours after another driver! Do you feel sleep, unmotivated and sick of the cold weather? Forget about […]

Looking for Thrilling Rally Car Experiences?

Do you want to bring some excitement to the doldrums of January? This week has included Blue Monday: supposedly the most depressing day of the year. If you want to expel those January blues, why not book one of our rally car experiences? We provide an action packed 7-hour day of rally driving, with plenty […]

Give Somebody The Ultimate Driving Experience In 2017

Have a birthday coming up this winter? It can be difficult buying a present for somebody so soon after Christmas., Why not buy them an experience with which to kick off the new year? January and February are cold and gloomy times of year, when there’s nothing much happening; a gift voucher for our driving […]

Get That Adrenaline Pumping With Our Driving Days

Do you fancy slipping behind the wheel of a Subaru rally car? Was your new year’s resolution to have more exciting experiences in 2017? With our driving days, you can get behind the wheel of a RWD or 4WD Subaru Impreza, and have the ride of your life! More about Subaru rally cars. In their […]

Looking To Have The Best Driving Experience?

Want to get that adrenaline pumping through your veins? Need to shake off that sluggish feeling now that Christmas is over? Here at Phil Price Rally School we offer some of the best driving experiences in the UK, and we want you to join us. Our instructors can help you churn up mud this winter […]

Enjoy £20 off our Driving Day Gifts this Christmas

Eek! Christmas is now only a week away. Are you searching the crowded shops for Christmas presents but can’t find anything special? If so, you might be joining the third of people buying a gift online. If you have a speed-happy motorist on your hands, consider a gift voucher from Phil Price. A trip to […]

Amazing Christmas Offers on our Driving Day Gifts

Fancy a driving experience out of this world in 2017? Or want to give somebody an exciting gift this Christmas? Rally driving is a thrilling sport that’s been around since the early days of motoring. It’s an experience that every keen motorist should have at least once. But why choose Phil Price Rally School for […]

Gift Vouchers For The Ultimate Driving Experience

Still haven’t done your Christmas shopping and starting to panic? With only two weeks to go, the high streets are becoming swamped with shoppers and stress levels are already rising. Don’t worry- Phil Price Rally School have an amazing £20 discount on gift vouchers for our One Day Intense Course this Christmas. Better yet, it […]

Christmas Offers For Our Driving Experiences

Don’t want to hit the high street this Christmas, but want to give something special? Imagine your loved-one rummaging deep in their stocking, to find a gift voucher for our driving experiences. As a heart hammering, high adrenaline sport that will get anyone’s blood pumping, rally driving is an excellent way to celebrate the start […]

Book Driving Experience Gifts

With Christmas just around the corner, it can be difficult to come up with ideas for the perfect gift. If you want to offer something different and save your unwanted gift from ending up in a drawer, why not book driving experience gifts for a loved one this year? We offer one day intense courses, […]

The Best Driving Experiences in the UK

Fancy celebrating the New Year behind the wheel of an awesome Subaru rally car? Do you want to forget about everything that’s passed in 2016? What better way to forget about Brexit and the election of Donald Trump, than our driving experiences at the award-winning Phil Price Rally School? You can literally churn up the […]

Looking To Book A Driving Experience This Christmas?

Tired of hearing about Donald Trump, and want something to take your mind off the current political scene? If you to start the 2017 on a high, then a gift voucher from Phil Price Rally School will do the trick. Our One Day Intense Course gives you a chance to experience genuine rally driving in […]

Book A Driving Experience For 2017

What’s the most exciting Christmas gift you could give this year? Are you bored of giving bed socks, perfume and bubble bath sets? Perhaps you’re thinking of giving a gift voucher, but aren’t sure which one to choose? Unlike presents that get tossed aside, a gift voucher for an activity like rally driving, promises adventure […]

Christmas Offers For Our Rally Car Experiences

On your marks, get set…GO! Do you want to bring home a trophy in 2017? Forget trying to win Employee of the Month- with Phil Price you can win a trophy for rally driving instead. Our rally driving experiences involve getting behind the wheel of a fully prepared Subaru Rally Car, and racing around over […]

Give Your Loved-One The Ultimate Driving Experience

Do you want to give somebody an incredible experience in 2017? Phil Price Rally School could have the answer you’re looking for. If you’re looking for a brilliantly unique Christmas or birthday present, our driving experiences could be the perfect ticket. Replace your Demon Days with an Epic Driving Day. Previous motorists have described our […]

Experience The Best Driving Days In 2017

With Christmas just around the corner, are you wracking your brains over what to buy? Unfortunately, the season of goodwill always comes quicker than we imagine. We’re not sure what’s scarier: Christmas, the American Election or the latest clown craze. If you fancy giving your loved-one something different, why not pop a voucher for our […]

Our Utterly Thrilling Rally Car Days

Feeling spooky? It might be less than a month until Halloween, but it’s still a brilliant time for rally driving. With the weather getting wetter, you can really churn up that mud… Why choose our rally car days? At Phil Price Rally School, we’ll get your adrenaline going in all the right ways. Located in […]

Book A Driving Day With Phil Price

For many of us, it can be extremely hard to say goodbye to the summer. Evenings are getting shorter, it’s getting colder, and it won’t before we’re carving out those Halloween pumpkins and setting up fireworks. If you’re feeling gloomy, why not reignite your spirits with our epic Driving Days? You can feel like a […]

Want To Give Someone An Epic Driving Experience?

Halloween is now just over a month away, which means only one thing: the season of gift-buying will soon be upon us. Yup, Christmas is now less than 100 days away. For those of us who commiserate with the Grinch, this is bad news. But for everyone who loves buying presents, it’s likely you already […]

Give Somebody The Driving Experience Of A Lifetime

Now the kids are back at school, the rush hour has become worse again. The likelihood is that September heatwave is largely spent sweltering in the driving seat. Why not forget the turgid traffic, and head on an epic driving experience? Whether the post-summer blues have hit you, or you’re already heading to Wales in […]

Have an Incredible Driving Day with Phil Price

Did you know, legendary rally driver Jean Ragnotti turned 71 a week ago? Despite being over 70, the French rally driving champion still takes part in individual events. Now that’s dedication. He’s now raced for more years than more drivers have lived. Last week would have also marked the 70th birthday of racing driver James […]

Kick Start That Adrenaline, With Our Rally Driving Experiences

Got the blues over your glorious holiday ending? Has your tan already well and truly faded? Well, head to Wales this September, and Phil Price Rally School will literally drive away those cobwebs. If you’re feeling like Chris Evans, after the first episode of the new Top Gear, we’ll make you feel back on top […]

Taking The M.S.A Exam At Our BARS Registered School

If you wish to quality for a rally driving licence, it’s essential you take the M.S.A. (Motor Sports Association) rally licence exam. Since Phil Price is a BARS registered rally school, we’re ideal for anybody near Wales or travelling in our general direction this autumn. BARS stands for the British Association of Rally Schools, of […]

Zoom Along to our Rally Driving Experiences

Did you hear that Matt Le Blanc is now becoming the main host of Top Gear? It didn’t take long for Chris Evans to throw in the towel. While we can’t get you a place in the Top Gear audience, we can give you an equally amazing rally experience. Churn up some dust this summer, […]

The Best Driving Experiences Imaginable

Fancy a fast and furious experience of your own? Phil Price Rally School offer the best driving experiences imaginable, whether for yourself or a loved-one. With over three miles of authentic Welsh rally stages, Phil Price Rally School promise the ride of a lifetime with every booking. Awarded a Certificate of Excellence on Trip Advisor, […]

Why Book Our Driving Days Online?

Do you want an experience like that in a Scandinavian flick? Have you always dreamt of letting rip in a rally car? Rally driving has been around as long as motoring itself, with the first rally races taking place around 1911. If you count horse racing rallying, then it can be traced back as far […]

Experience The Ultimate Driving Course

Imagine really letting loose behind the wheel: speeding around corners, churning up dust… Your hands are clutching the wheel, the engine is roaring, and you’re the one in control. You press down on the accelerator and go speeding like the wind, creating slides and controlling them like a true pro. Zoom! Why choose our Driving […]

Why Choose A BARS Approved Rally School?

Are you looking to pass the M.S.A rally licence examination? If so, it’s important you choose a BARS approved rally school like Phil Price Rally School. Our standard test is carried out using our school cars, and offers two different options: You can take the standard test for £180. Or you can combine it with […]

Why Book A Driving Day With Us?

Fed up of hearing about all the political drama in the UK? Why not let rip at one of our amazing driving days? Phil Price Rally School welcome motorists from all over the UK. Located right-bang in the centre of Wales, our rally school has one of the best locations in the country. We have […]

Action Packed Driving Days In Wales

It’s your turn… Want to get that adrenaline pumping round your veins? If you’re tired hearing about Brexit and Michael Gove, come along to one of our driving days. Phil Price Rally School is keen to welcome you this summer. Our driving days include plenty of time behind the wheel of a Suburu Impreza, zooming […]

Celebrate Summer With Our Driving Days

Sick of hearing about Brexit, football and Donald Trump? Why not blast it all away, with our driving days at Phil Price Rally School? Instead, you could be winning a trophy this summer for your outstanding driving skills. Whether the new Top Gear has been disappointing, or the summer ends up being a wash-out, our […]

Book Your Driving Experience Online

Ouch! This week Top Gear viewing figures have hit an all-time low, with audience numbers slipping below 2.4 million. Despite this Matt Le Blanc did make viewers laugh with a topical joke about Brexit. The viewing figures might also be attributed to the Euro 2016 football matches. If you miss Jeremy Clarkson and company, or […]

Get Your Heart Racing With Our Rally Car Days

Want to make this a summer to remember? If you’re planning on visiting Wales for your holidays, why not throw in one of our rally car days? Located right in the heart of Wales, Phil Price Rally School have one of the prime locations in the UK for rallying. We have three miles of authentic […]

Rally Licence Assessment Exam

Has the time come to take your M.S.A Rally Licence Assessment Exam? Then why not head to the Phil Price Rally School? Located in Llangunllo in Powys, this B.A.R.S registered school is the ideal place to obtain your licence in order to compete at competition level. The exam consists of a written exam and a […]

Amazing Rally Car Experiences In The UK

Were you one of the many that tuned into the new ‘Top Gear’ this week? With Matt Le Blanc and Chris Evans now fronting the team, many feel that the camaraderie of the original has been lost. Around 4.4 million people watched the revamped show, which featured a race along Blackpool beach in the pouring […]

A MSA Recognised Rally School In Wales

Need an adrenaline kick this summer, and love driving? The latest Top Gear adverts might look like there’s high-risk driving involved. But Friends star Matt leBlanc has recently admitted to using stunt drivers during filming. When the going gets tough, both him and Chris Evans use professional drivers, such as rally driver Kenneth ‘Ken’ Block. […]

Experience Our Amazing Driving Days This Summer

Did you know, Egypt has finally had its first female rally driver for ‘desert racing’? As you can imagine, Egypt has some fantastic spaces for rally driving with the desert offering huge wide space to really let loose. Yara Shalaby got told, as a girl, ‘she couldn’t race’, but six months later came second in […]

Enjoy Our Driving Days In 2016

Get set, ready…go! Have you ever watched The Fast and Furious, and longed to have an epic driving experience yourself? Or watched Steve McQueen in Bullitt and lusted after some speed? Most of us have watched a driving movie and had our fantasies ignited at some point. Whether you’re a petrol head or tired of […]

Looking For An Exhilarating Rally Experience?

Did you know two rally drivers recently had a close run-in with a deer? Speeding along at 108mph in Poland, the driver’s canny skills meant they narrowly missed the animal, which darted out into the road- phew! At Phil Price Rally School, you can pick up rallying skills of your own, and drive the kind […]

Book A Driving Day For Summer

Zoom! One rally driver has recently blasted into the record books, at the New Zealand Rally Championships. Hayden Paddon knocked 10 seconds off the previous record 7:34:1. Although he didn’t believe it at first, Hayden’s aim had always been to be a world champion. This rally driver had been into the motor sport from an […]

Searching For A Rally Driving School In Wales?

Are you in Wales and want a thrilling driving experience? Are you wondering, ‘Where can I find the perfect driving school near me?’ Then you’ve come to the right place: Phil Price Rally School is particularly ideal for those in Wales, the Cotswolds, Coventry and anywhere in the South West, being located right in the […]

Driving Experiences Of A Lifetime

Want to make this the best summer yet? Tired of being stuck in traffic, listening to repetitive songs on the radio? Then join us at Phil Price Rally School, for an exhilarating driving experience. With Subaru announcing a new record attempt on the Isle of Wight, this is an exciting year for rally driving already. […]

One Of The Top MSA Recognised Rally Schools

Looking to find an MSA recognised rally school? Fancy being the next Colin McRae or Richard Burns?  Otherwise known as the Motoring Sports Association, the MSA are the UK’s authority on all sports which involve an engine, steering wheel and plenty of speed. Rallying is just one of the many motor sports they cover, along […]

Join Our Driving Days This Spring

College or work getting you down? Tired of traffic jams and irate drivers? Why not escape everything and join us at Phil Price Rally School? If you’re searching for driving days online, you’ll find nothing more thrilling than our One Day Intense Course. You can forget speed limits, rush hour traffic and finding parking spaces, […]

The Ultimate Driving Experience In 2016

Fancy waving goodbye to the rush hour traffic? Shake off the last traces of winter, with Phil Price Rally School. Imagine shifting into fifth gear, as you speed gleefully down our genuine rally stages, churning up clouds of mud and feeling your heart pounding. Even if it’s raining you guaranteed to have an epic time […]

The Driving Experience Of A Lifetime

With Chris Harris filming a rally drive for the Top Gear website, it won’t be long before the reboot of this popular show airs. Whether you’re lamenting the loss of Jeremy Clarkson or not, this show is packed full of fast-paced driving, which many motorists long to emulate. If you want a taste of the […]

Want To Get That Adrenaline Pumping?

Want to book the ultimate driving experience this spring? With 25 years in the business, Phil Price Rally School provide an epic rally driving experience on genuine Welsh rally stages in RWD & 4WD Subaru rally cars. As a family business, we’ve been involved in rally driving since the late 1980s. So, why choose us? […]

Subaru Driving Day Gifts

Fancy an epic driving day in a Subaru Impreza rally car? Then you’ve come to the right place… Debuting in 1993, the Impreza is one of the most iconic rally cars, with its distinctive blue and yellow markings. It was introduced to keep up with a shift towards small and lighter chassis, and had immediate […]

Epic Driving Day Gifts

Looking to give the perfect birthday gift? Having won Trip Advisor’s Certificate of Excellence in 2015 our Welsh-based Rally School is guaranteed to give your loved-one the best driving day imaginable. Based in the heart of Wales, we have one of the best location for rallying in the UK. Phil Price Rally School’s Driving Day […]

Driving Experience Gifts

Along with the music and film world, which lost David Bowie and Alan Rickman, the rally driving world has also lost one of its legendary figures. David Stokes passed away this February aged 68, after suffering from cancer. A six-time British national rally champion, his career spanned more than 50 years, and he won four […]

The Driving Experience Of A Lifetime

The roar of the engine, the feel of the clutch, the rising anticipation… Ready. Set. Go! Getting behind the wheel of a rally car is enough to make anyone act like Toad in The Wind in the Willows, when he first sees a motor car- alive, awake and rearing to go. It’s a brilliant way to wave […]

The Perfect Valentine’s Gift For Any Motorist

Want to give something truly different for Valentine’s Day? How about the ultimate rally driving experience? This is a truly unique gift for any motorist- especially one who has a thirst for speed. Unlike chocolates or flowers, will give them something to remember forever. Get into gear and put your foot down, with Phil Price. […]

Looking Where To Find Driving Experiences?

Vroom-vroom… Got your heart set on an awesome driving experience? If you’re tired of the rush hour traffic, and want to feel more alive and free, rally driving could be the answer. It’s a great way to wave goodbye to those winter blues. For a rally school with 100% ‘Excellent’ ratings on Trip Advisor, book […]

Get Behind The Wheel Of A Subaru Impreza

Feel the need for speed in 2016? January is justifiably one of the least popular times of year. Christmas is over, the weather is freezing and it’s back to work or college. Even the television doesn’t tend to be as good. Bah humbug! Why not make winter 2016 one to remember, with an epic driving […]

Epic Driving Days In 2016

Hunting online for driving days? If you want that get your heart hammering (in the best possible way!)- head to Phil Price Rally School. We offer one of the best locations for rallying in the UK. January’s often the month of terrible weather, an anti-climax after Christmas and endless longing for spring. But with our […]

Subaru Driving Days

Back in the day, Subaru were once a manufacturer of aircrafts, having descended from the Nakajima Aircraft Company- in its day (1917-1945) the largest aircraft company in Asia. Eventually a CEO had a compulsion to build cars after years of aircraft-building. The company was then renamed Subaru, after a star constellation in the Taurus constellation- […]

The Ultimate Driving Experience Gift

Far from it being a white Christmas, we’ve had one of the wettest Decembers in recorded history. It’s safe to say that we’re all sick of the wet weather. Particularly those who have suffered from flooding up north. If your friend or relative has a birthday in January, why not cheer them up with the […]

Looking For Gift Vouchers For Rally Driving?

Want the perfect Christmas present for an adrenaline junkie? With the theme parks closed for the winter, there will be plenty of people with itchy feet. Simply slip a gift voucher from Phil Price into their stocking. Once the hype of Christmas is over and the fairy lights are taken down, it’s easy to feel […]


Need to obtain your M.S.A licence? If so, B.A.R.S registered Phil Price Rally School are keen to help. Anyone who wants to take up rallying needs to pass this particular exam, and it must be taken at a B.A.R.S registered school. B.A.R.S (The British Association of Rally Schools) was established 20 years ago, in 1995, […]

Book Driving Experience Gifts

Trawling the shops for Christmas presents, but can’t find anything special? Why not give someone the experience of a lifetime, with Phil Price Rally School? Our gift vouchers could be the perfect surprise gift in any Christmas stocking, and certainly beat more mundane presents, like yet another pair of novelty socks. Your loved-one could kick […]

Motor Sports Association Recognised Rally Schools

The Motor Sports Association (MSA) is a recognised government body by the FIA, which sets the standard for motor sports, like rally driving. Currently, it is the only organisation of its kind, and therefore extremely important for the industry. It creates a level playing ground for competitors and ensures that these sports are safe, where […]

Book A Driving Day

Bored of the same old Christmas presents of after-shave, scarves and bed socks? Why not get your loved one’s adrenaline going, and book a driving day with Phil Price this December? It’s a great way to celebrate the end of the year and escape the gridlock this Christmas. With everybody heading to the shops not […]

Book Driving Experiences

Want the perfect Christmas gift for an adrenaline junkie? Nothing will make them more delighted than finding a gift voucher for a driving experience. They can have a speedy start to 2016, careening round corners, making power slides and gliding like Sebastian Loeb. Churning up dirt and getting that heart pumping is a great way […]

Rally Car Driving Experiences

The clocks are changing this Sunday and the evenings getting darker. Why not blast away the gloom, with an epic rally car experience? If you fancy a real race against the clock, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Phil Price Rally School you can speed away from thoughts of Christmas shopping or the […]

Book Rally Driving Day Online

What better way to end the year, than an epic rally day? Autumn is a fantastic time to get your driving gloves on and speed past the colourful trees, leaving the rush hour traffic behind you. You can say goodbye to those queues for Christmas shopping. At Phil Price Rally School we will literally drive […]

Book Driving Experiences

Everyday driving on Britain’s busy roads can be frustrating. Whether you’re tired of hanging back behind cyclists or traffic is driving you loopy, it hardly fosters a love of driving. Before you lose enthusiasm for motoring altogether, book yourself a driving experience. With Phil Price Rally School, you can leave the traffic behind and experience […]

Driving Days Website

We’re all looking for the thing that makes us feel most alive. For many that involves getting behind the wheel of a rally car, leaving the rush hour traffic behind and letting rip. Top Gear presenter James May has recently given it a go. Could it be your turn? It might seem the South East […]

Rally Car Driving Experiences

Are you suffering from the post-winter blues? Why not get a huge hit of adrenaline, by heading to the heart of Wales? Phil Price provide an epic rally driving experience, any time of year. Once speeding round our epic track, you’ll soon forget that the summer has ended. Our one day intense course is the […]

Driving Experience Gifts

Have you got a birthday coming up? If you want to give something different, a driving experience is ideal, and certainly more interesting than standard gifts. Unleash an inner racer this autumn, with Phil Price Rally School. Named ‘Best Buy’ by Auto Express, and winning the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence 2015, our courses make […]

Best Driving Experiences

The best driving experiences make you feel 100% alive. Getting that blood pumping, they reignite that love of driving for anyone. With roads more congested than ever, many of us want to experience rally driving. Britain is now the 5th most congested country in Europe. We certainly don’t get to move very fast, during our […]

Book A Driving Day Online

September has now arrived and the evenings will soon shorten. Many of us are wondering where the summer went. If you’re feeling the post-winter blues and need cheering up, simply book a driving day online with Phil Price. The ideal gift either for yourself or a loved one, it provides the experience of a lifetime. […]

Would You Like Rally Car Driving Experiences?

Is the endless rain getting you down? For some reason the inclement weather slows down traffic even more. Hissing up off the roads, it makes the daily commute even more difficult. Why not let rip with an exhilarating rally experience? Freed from all speed restrictions, you can release all that pent up energy and get […]

Get Rally Driving Experiences Online

Summer is nearly over. If you have the post-winter blues, why not arrange an epic rally experience? With UK traffic worse than ever, it’s rare to get anywhere fast nowadays. In fact, one study found the average rush hour traffic is 23.8mph. We also have the highest annual traffic numbers ever recorded. Rally driving, meanwhile, […]

Driving Experiences

Is the lack-lustre weather bringing you down? Autumn is nearly upon us and much of the summer has been dark and dingy. Driving experiences with Phil Price Rally School can literally ‘drive’ those blues away. There are many rally schools in the UK. But few have over 25 years of experience and over 3 miles […]

Subaru Driving Experience Course

Subaru rally drivers have been doing extremely well this year. Only recently a Subaru BRZ won spectacularly in the Russian Series racing circuit. Earlier in the year, Olly Clarke also delighted the crowds in his Subaru ‘Gobstopper II’. The USA team also won the New England Forest Rally last month. Rally cars don’t come much […]

Driving Days Online

With the weather taking a turn for the worse, we need a bit of escapism this summer. And what better than an epic driving day? A popular sport all over the world, rally driving has existed as long as motoring itself. In fact the motorsport can be dated back to 1911, when the first Monte […]

Where To Purchase Rally Car Experiences

Do you need an adrenaline kick this summer? If you love motoring (like most people nowadays!), consider purchasing a rally car experience. Perhaps you’re a big car enthusiastic and attended this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed. With Britain’s Olly Clark winning a Top 10 Shootout in his 769bhp Subaru Impreza, it may well have inspired […]

British Association of Rally Schools

Formed in 1995, the British Association of Rally Schools (known by the catchy acronym BARS) was formed to standardise rally driving courses. The organisation’s main aim is to provide consistent levels of safety, control and enjoyment for all participates. Membership has now grown from the original six Rally Schools to its current level of eight, […]

Where to find the Best Rally Experiences

With all these problems with rail strikes, there are many suffering long and agonisingly slow journeys. It may be nail-biting stuff getting to work on time, but it’s certainly not enjoyable. Since the average speed in London is normally just 20mph, the city has practically ground to a halt. Why not speed matters up this […]

Driving Days Website

With Chris Evans toted as the new presenter of Top Gear, the jury is out as to whether the show will be any good. One thing is for sure: there are more car enthusiasts than ever in the UK. Yet with the roads busier and more congested, none of us are exactly enthused by the […]

Rally Car Driving Days

Do you fancy a thrilling drive against the clock? There may be numerous rally driving schools in the UK. But only one has 3 miles of incredible Welsh rally stages: the one and only Phil Price Rally School. If you’re searching for a true rally driving experience, simply book a one day intense course with […]

Driving Experience Gifts Website

Did you know, a car which goes 1000mph has recently been invented? Known as the Bloodhound SSC, it is now the world’s fastest car. Unfortunately it hasn’t been tasted yet, as there is a delay with the rocket system, but next year it should have an 800mph test drive on a dried out lake bed […]

Book Driving Days

Are you looking to book a high octane driving day? As of yet, the weather this summer has been disappointing. Why not liven things up with a rally driving day? Rallying is popular with men and women alike. It is particularly brilliant because it encompasses the best aspects of other motoring sports. Speed, racing, sliding…for […]

Driving Experience Gifts Website

Are interminable traffic jams driving your friend mad? Does your family member long to let rip, and go speeding round a rally stage, at full speed? Perhaps they have that fantasy of being like Jim Carrey in Bruce Almighty, when he can part traffic and go zooming away like a pro rally driver. Why not […]

Stage Rally Competition Licence

Planning to go rallying this summer? Perhaps you aren’t sure how to find a quality rally school.  If you’re searching for the best UK rally schools, look out for those which are BARS registered. But what is BARS? And why is it important in the rallying world? Otherwise known as The British Association of Rally […]

Driving Day Gifts Website

There’s nothing like rally driving during the great British summer. Churning up dust rather than mud, it’s an excellent way to escape the doldrums of the rush hour traffic. Rally driving appeals to a surprising variety of people. You’ll find it’s not just those boy racers who feel a need for speed! In fact, there […]

Book a Driving Experience Course

Fancy a turbo-charged driving experience this summer? Sick of the turgid trails of rush hour traffic? For the ride of your life, why not consider rally driving? For many people, getting behind the wheel of a fast, powerful car remains nothing but a pipe dream. But for those who put their foot down and book […]

BARS Registered Rally School

When searching for the best rally schools, it’s best to find one which is BARS registered. Otherwise known as The British Association of Rally Schools, this organisation was formed in 1995 by six Rally Schools, whose aim was to standardise the core elements of rally driving courses. This means a consistent level of control, safety […]

Rally Car Driving Experiences

Rally car driving is one of the biggest adrenaline kicks for any driver. With normal roads more congested than ever, understandably, the idea of zooming full speed round a track is highly appealing. Getting behind the wheel of a top-notch rally car is even more appealing. Are you looking for an epic rally car experience? […]

Subaru Driving Experience Gifts

Are you looking for the best driving experience gifts? Got a loved one itching to get behind the wheel of a Subaru rally car? Subaru has a long and rich history with rally driving. In September 1989, the Subaru World Rally Team was formed and went on to participate in the World Rally Championships. For […]

Book yourself or a loved one, one of our fantastic Driving Days

Looking to book yourself or a loved one a driving day? Want to go driving at one of the top rally schools in the UK? Spring and summer are brilliant times to go rally driving. Without the rain, snow or sleet, you can careen round those corners like a true pro and experience the maximum […]

One day rally course

One Day Intense Course

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An action packed day giving you the real chance of driving rally cars on genuine forest stages.

corporate rally days

Corporate Days and Groups

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Perfect for Team Building or for a group of family/friends for an exciting and competitive day out.

MSA Rally Licence

M.S.A. Rally Licence

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Details on how to obtain your MSA Rally licence and get you on the road to Rallying

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